Dean Benard

Benard + Associates

President & CEO

Dean Benard, is the President of Benard + Associates, a conflict management strategy firm providing investigation, mediation, education and coaching services for workplace and regulatory matters. Dean has been an investigator for over 25 years in the areas of regulatory, workplace, and criminal investigations. His eclectic background includes positions as a Registered Nurse, Police Officer, and Manager of Investigations. In 2001 Dean was named Investigator of the Year by the Council of Licensing Enforcement and Regulation. In 2004, Dean founded Benard + Associates, and created a team of investigators, mediators, and coaches who work with a wide variety of public and private corporations, regulatory bodies, government agencies, and healthcare institutions across Ontario and other parts of Canada. Dean is a Chartered Mediat or with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada. He received his Diploma in Nursing from Sir Sandford Fleming College in Peterborough, his Bachelor of Arts in Health Administration and Ethics from York University, a Master of Laws & Letters from Osgoode Hall Law School, and a post graduate certificate in Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell University. Dean has investigated thousands of matters involving allegations of professional misconduct, harassment, and discrimination. He is a frequent speaker at educational conferences across North America.